Empowering Parents

Empowered Parenting – Giving you and your child a head start

People want to do their best for their children – who wouldn’t? Yet there are so many pressures in our busy world that doing the right things can get a bit bewildering.

At both Mulberry Bush Montessori in Killearn and Glasgow settings, we are pleased to be able to offer you Empowered Parenting – a five-module course that offers clear, concise insights into the real nature of your child and what you can do to provide a unique foundation to support their incredible journey through childhood.

Designed by Sarah Rowledge and delivered by Mairi Clark and based on the methods of Maria Montessori, this is a practical modern programme for today’s parents.

Empowered Parenting will help you support all of your child – their behaviour, emotions and intelligence.

Aimed for parents of children 0-6 years old who want to boost their confidence in parenting and help their children become balanced, creative individuals who are enthusiastic, well rounded learners.

The programme that we offer is made up of five 2 1⁄2 hour modules;

1. The secrets of child development – core principles of the developing child & what you can do to practically to support them

2. Behaviour – how to positively manage & guide your child’s behaviour for the best

3. Language development & the basics of literacy – the foundations that underpin all language & reading, preparing your child for school

4. Number development & the basics of maths – creating a love of and ease with numbers

5. Creativity – setting free your child’s inner artist

Each module will have information, discussion, practice and application. Your child will be the main focus, the aim being to empower you as a parent to give you the skills, insight and reassurance that you need so that you can give your child the support they deserve.

As well as overseeing the running her own highly regarded early years education centres in Killearn & Glasgow for nearly 20 years, Mairi Clark is a trained primary teacher, social worker, Montessori teacher and Neuro Motor Delay Developmental Therapist (INPP) & mentors inspiring early years staff & teachers.

If you are interested in this programme and would like to know more about it, please let us know and look out for the next course in each of our newsletters.