A child’s question

Today I carried, poured, folded, sewed, washed my hands (a hundred times), cut my fruit, dressed up as a chef and held a tea party, eating with my friends, did up buttons and undid them again, polished, washed, cleaned and swept. And all the time, I shared and listened

I found my name, listened to a story and a poem. I posted pictures into Metal Mike and learnt that c-u-p spells cup! I used a puppet, wrote letters in the sand, wrote my name on the computer, took the large movable alphabet from the shelf and constructed words I’d learnt

I built a huge big tower (so it didn’t topple over) and a big wide stair. I counted, added, took away, and finally understood that zero means nothing. I wrote some numbers in the sand and did my teens. I learnt that shallow and wide for water is the same as narrow and deep, and my teacher showed me the golden bead and spoke about hundreds and thousands

I put the elephant on Africa and the tiger on India. I “erupted” a volcano and watched the magma flow. I coloured in the flags of my favourite countries and learned the difference between a lake and an island. I did the life cycle of a butterfly and looked at a tiny, tiny, thing through a microscope. I decided that the fish are alive but the tank is not alive. I would have discovered what would float and what would sink but my teacher wouldn’t let me use the fish tank for that!

I jumped and ran and climbed and cycled. I balanced on a beam and built a castle out of blocks. I threw and caught a ball and planted in the garden. I was the captain on the train and charged my passengers lots of money for their seats.

Back inside I remembered to walk. I painted, glued and cut and junked. I banged the drum and shook the castanets. I wrapped a scarf around my head and sang as sweetly as I could. And then I had to change and be the Big Bad Wolf pretending to be Grandma

All this I did on just one day, so why do you ask me what’s in my bag?

Note to parents: children will often reply “nothing” when asked by their carer what they’ve done during the day. Quite why they do this has not yet been the subject of research!