Terms & Conditions

We gratefully request that all parents read & are familiar with these terms & conditions as they form our contract with you. We understand that they are a formal read so we happy to discuss any of these points with you if you do not understand them.

This is particularly important in relation to Covid 19 & our measures to ensure robust infection control measures to keep us all safe.

We ask that parents ensure that they cease from using their mobile phones on the premises.


  1. FEES
  1. All fees are payable throughout the whole year 4 weekly in advance. Each year a list of dates will be issued to all parents, detailing when fees are due. Invoices will not be issued & parents should be aware of what fees are due when. NO REBATES CAN BE GIVEN FOR NON-ATTENDANCE nor can core sessions be exchanged or swapped for others.
  2. Late fees will incur a percentage charge of 10% per week until they are paid.
  3. Fees are calculated over 51 weeks and paid over the 52 weeks, four weeks in advance.
  4. Due to high overheads, we cannot reduce fees during holidays taken or refund in the event of severe red weather warning closures
  5. THERE IS A MINIMUM ATTENDANCE for all children is two full days (we do not offer half days)
  6. There are three levels of fees for children:

BABIES TODDLERS & MINI MONTESSORI CHILDREN for non *eligible 3 & 4 year olds – (these remain unchanged from January 2020 fees)

ENHANCED Eligible funded children – for *eligible 3 & 4 year olds includes all of what we can provide at Mulberry Bush Montessori with chargeable fees making up the difference for the cost of the service

BASIC Eligible funded children – for *eligible 3 & 4 year olds does not include many of the activities that we can provide at Mulberry Bush Montessori as we cannot charge parents over & above the basic 1140 hours so children will be excluded from these activities.

Further information on fees is found in our letter to parents on fees as well as on the fees notice

  1. Parents of eligible children who are considering splitting their sessions between MBK & a council nursery, are invited to speak to the office about how this will affect their sessions & fees as it differs from child to child.
  2. To secure a place for your child:
  1. Additional sessions can sometimes be offered to parents through the Unit Manager. These MUST be requested in writing and checked for availability with the Unit Manager. They must also be paid for in advance of the requested additional session.
  2. In the event of necessary closure in the interests of children & staff safely as a result of red/amber severe weather, fees will be due.
  3. Extreme Conditions.  In the event of heavy snowfall or red/amber severe weather spells, it is the parent’s responsibility to check forecasts and conditions so children are collected on time. Parents will be notified by the nursery if they are required to pick up early. This also applies in the case of power or utility blackouts or other unavoidable extreme situations. Anyone arriving late due to re/amber severe weather conditions will incur a late collection charge which will be paid to staff for their time. We reserve the right to close the nursery in any red/amber extreme conditions such as; weather, power cuts, flooding etc. that are out with our control.  In these unfortunate situations the fees are still payable.


  1. The administration fee of £150 & four week’s fees paid to book a place is non-refundable if parents decide not to take up the booked place.
  2. Parents are asked to give EIGHT FULL WEEKS WRITTEN NOTICE before withdrawing a child or the equivalent in fees.
  3. For children who are eligible for a commissioned place and funded hours in their ante and preschool year, the contractual year runs from August to August and the free hours spread over these 51 weeks. We require eight weeks written notice of your intention to withdraw your child before the commencement of school.


Children will have a settling in period before they officially start, which will take place over a week. The timing of this will be discussed with Shona Watters and the Unit Manager on enrolment. We look for four things when a child settles with us, that they; eat, drink, rest/relax/sleep & soil when with us.


Sessions begin at 8am & end at 6pm.

  1. As a result of Covid 19, parents will not be invited further than the reception area in the building to minimise the footprint of adults in the building to minimise the potential spread of infection.
  2. Parents of babies & toddlers are invited to drop off & pick up their babies & toddlers off at the front door with a staff member.
  3. Parents of older children in the Montessori room are invited to drop off & pick up their children at the back gate down the side of the building in the garden.
  4. Parents are encouraged to arrive at 1730 to collect their child if they wish to be briefed about how their child has been to be sure to be away

by 1800 to allow staff to exit the building at the close of business.

  1. Charges are made per session, not per hour.
  2. Children are encouraged to arrive before 9am to avoid disrupting Circle and Registration Time & for eligible children to ensure they get their hearty & wholesome breakfast before leaving for Forest School.
  3. Parents are encouraged to collect their child PROMPTLY.
  4. If you are going to be late please let Shona Watters or the Unit Manager know. Parents who are late collecting their children will be charged £20 for every 15 minutes to be paid directly to the staff members as two staff are required to remain with your child until you come.
  5. Any changes to a child’s core sessions require A FULL MONTH’S written notice or the equivalent charged. This must be provided in writing and not only verbal.
  6. Any additional sessions requested must be paid for at the time of booking.
  7. Core sessions cannot be exchanged for additional days. These must be booked and paid for separately.


We are in Partnership with Stirling Council to deliver 1140 funded hours to children who are eligible 3 & 4year olds. Because the funded rate of £5.45 per hour paid by SC is less than the actual cost to Mulberry Bush Montessori of the delivery, administration & governance of the Scottish Government scheme, parents of children only attending for 2 days should notify the office whether they wish to access the ENCHANCED OR BASIC PACKAGE for their child so that we know which activities children are included in.

In order to access a commissioned place for your child, you are required to complete the necessary documentation. Your child’s commissioned place commencement is dependent on when their date of birth falls. This is detailed in Scottish Government guidance. Access to 1140 funded hours begins the week of the first academic term. When your child becomes an eligible 3year old, your contract with us, is that you are able to access the 1140 funded hours from August to August each year until they go to school. Notice to terminate your child’s place with us, is eight weeks and part funded hours accessed right up until the start school. Funded hours cannot be ‘concertinaed’ in the event of your child leaving Mulberry Bush Montessori prior to the start of the school term in August.


  1. We will provide a wholesome breakfast for all eligible 3 & 4year old children as part of their meal entitlement from 8am until 9pm before leaving for Forest School.
  2. Parents are asked to provide a cold or hot lunch, which can be heated, for their child. In order to prevent the growth of food poisoning germs on high risk foods such as meats, poultry, fish and shellfish, gravy, stock, soup, egg products, cooked rice and dairy products such as milk and cheese, especially soft and unpasteurised cheese; it is essential that any prepared food for your child is stored in the range of 0-4 degrees C. Please ensure that your child’s food is packed with ice packs.
  3. Please ensure all containers are LABELLED with your child’s name as we cannot be responsible for missing containers!
  4. For babies, parents are asked to provide bottles ready made. With regards to breast fed babies, we are delighted to facilitate frozen breast milk in our freezer.


  1. Please ensure that your child comes to nursery appropriately dressed in clothes that they can freely work in & you will not mind if they get dirty, stained or damaged. This is not the place for a child to wear expensive or designer outfits but a place for them to wear clothes they can be independent, have fun & work in! We cannot be held responsible for any clothes that are damaged as a result of your child being with us at Mulberry Bush.
  2. Kit bags are provided for all children & parents are asked not to bring large sports bags or rucksacks to leave at Mulberry Bush. Parents are asked to decant & check their child’s kit bag daily.
  3. Parents are requested to ensure that their child changes out of their outdoor shoes when they come to nursery & have soft-soled indoor shoes for their child to change into & wear whilst with us that are kept in their kit bag/cubby.
  4. Parents must provide wellington boots for their child to be kept at the kindergarten as well as outdoor waterproof clothing.
  5. Parents must provide suntan cream and sunhats can be purchased from me for use on hot days!
  6. Parents must provide a change of clothing and must regularly check they fit and are clean!
  7. Parents must ensure their children have a Mulberry Bush Montessori sweatshirt or T-Shirt for their child to wear on outings.


All children who attend will have rest periods. For babies this will be dictated by their routine within the home, which we will endeavour to reinforce while they are at Mulberry Bush. For toddlers the rest period will take place after lunch (or for as long/little as your child needs) and for the older children between 1300 and 1400. All children will be provided with a blanket and muslin. Shoes will be removed and placed neatly in allocated place. Heavy sweaters/soiled clothes will be changed. Appropriate music will be played as background sound. Children will be encouraged to remain quietly in their own space and staff will place themselves comfortably in the room and avoid excess movement and discussion between one another. At the end of the rest period where children are not already awake, they will be roused in a gentle calm manner.


  1. Parents must supply us with NAPPIES, CREAMS, WIPES AND NAPPY SACKS etc if their child is in nappies and must bring them in as the staff request them to.
  2. The nursery will only accept biodegradable or reusable nappies for babies & toddlers.
  3. If your child has a dummy\comfort blanket, please ensure that your child’s name is on it and in the case of dummies; please ensure you leave us with two or three. We have a sterilising unit.

 10. MEDICATION (including homeopathic or herbal remedies) A medication form has been sent to all parents & must be printed out, completed, signed & brought to nursery with your child for us to check bearing in mind the following conditions& requirements:

  1. All medication that is brought to us for your child MUST be in the original container with your child’s name & date of birth clearly labelled on the prescribed medication. Where your child’s name is not visible on the medicine we will not administer it under any circumstances.
  2. It must have the original information leaflet inside.
  4. In all instances, parents must administer the first dose of medication to the child. This will ensure that there are no adverse reactions to the medicine.
  5. Parents must ensure they complete the MEDICATION BOOK before staff can administer any medication.
  6. All medication must be prescribed by the child’s own GP / Homoeopathist / Herbalist.
  7. Under no circumstances can we administer any medication that has been self-prescribed by parents.
  8. We do not hold communal supplies of Calpol or any other medication.


  1. EXCLUSION FROM NURSERY further information in relation to Covid 19 is found in our MBK guidance notes & Risk Assessment
  1. We will follow current Covid 19 NHS guidelines in relation to any suspected case of Covid 19
  2. If a child or staff member has a confirmed or suspected COVID-19 and has symptoms, they can return to nursery when: They have been fever-free for at least 24 hours without the use of fever-reducing medication AND symptoms have gotten better AND At least 10 days have gone by since symptoms first appeared.
  3. If a child or staff member has tested positive for COVID-19, but have not had any symptoms, they can return to nursery when: At least 10 days have gone by since the date of their first positive COVID-19 test, AND they have not gotten sick with COVID-19
  4. Children should be removed from nursery if they have any of the following; Diarrhoea, Vomiting (more than once during the day), Rash or Suspected conjunctivitis
  5. Children must be excluded from nursery for 48 hours after the last episode of sickness or diarrhoea.


Parents are asked to inform the Nursery if their child is found to have head lice, although it is now known that head lice are rarely spread at Nursery or School. Parents are also encouraged to ask the staff for advice regarding head lice. It is not our policy to send out ‘alert letters’ routinely.



  1. If you know or suspect your child has an allergy, it is vital that you let us know as soon as possible
  2. Where a child has an allergy a covering letter from the GP or consultant providing us with details of their condition and necessary course of action in relation to a reaction is imperative.
  3. All medication in relation to allergies will be stored at Mulberry Bush.
  4. We cannot administer more than the recommended dosage and where this is suggested we must have written medical permission
  5. Risk assessments are done on each child with an allergy and details of the children with allergies made known to staff and displayed in the kitchen.


  1. Parents must inform Shona Watters or the Unit Manager in writing of any change in collection.
  2. Please ensure you have signed the relevant form allowing someone else to collect your child.
  3. In the event of an emergency arising when a person not named is collecting your child, the Unit Manager must sign the relevant Authorisation book as well as the person collecting your child, following verbal Authorisation from you.
  4. We will ask you to create a ‘password’ that we will ask of the recipient collecting your child to ensure your child is safe
  5. We know that for lots of different reasons parents can run late from work. Staff are happy to wait back to ensure your child is safe & in the event of this & late collection; a charge of £20 for every 15 minutes will be required to be paid to the staff for their time.


  1. Please do not bring your child to Mulberry Bush Montessori if they have a high temperature or are unwell.
  2. We understand that children can go down hill quickly and we will notify you if your child becomes unwell.
  3. In the event of an emergency, we will contact you directly and EITHER contact their own GP or NHS 24
  4. In the event of an outbreak of Covid 19, chickenpox or other infectious diseases, we will notify parents by email and/or on the Notice Board.
  5. If your child contracts any infectious disease, they cannot return to Kindergarten until a medical doctor has given them complete clearance.
  8. Please note our policy in Section 10,11 & 12


In case of emergency, the Unit Manager reserves the right to remove a child to hospital and call a doctor to examine the child.


  1. PLEASE DO NOT ALLOW YOUR CHILD TO BRING ANY TOYS OF ANY KIND INTO THE KINDERGARTEN. This is particularly important during the Covid 19 pandemic.
  2. Please do not allow your child to come to Kindergarten dressed up in outfits other than their own clothes, unless ofcourse it is a theme party or event! This is particularly important during the Covid 19 pandemic.
  3. Please ensure your child does not bring sweets or nuts of any kind to nursery.


  1. Due to high overheads there is no reduction in fees for holidays taken.
  2. We close for some public holidays and these will be announced in advance by newsletter.
  3. The Kindergarten is open Monday to Friday, throughout the year.
  4. The Kindergarten closes for about 5 days at Christmas depending on when Christmas falls.
  5. Fees are payable at this time.
  6. In the event of red/amber severe weather warnings as a final measure, we reserve the right to close the nursery with due sensitivity and being mindful of children, staff & parent’s safety. Fees will be due to be paid. Operating a service during such unprecedented weather is costly and the company is completely reliant on parental fees as the main source of income to balance the books in the management of the service for parents who use our provision. Similarly, in the event of late opening/early closure or limited numbers as a result of staffing, in the interests of the safety of children, staff and parents and meeting legislative requirements, full fees must be paid. We will endeavour to notify parents & update parents as best we can either by email, telephone messages & parents are invited to consult our social media page on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Mulberry-Bush-Montessori-Nature-Kindergarten-Forest-School.
  7. As a result of a number of government changes to legislation in childcare in relation to the new National Standards, we will close over the year, for two days for in house staff training. It is our objective that even though the children do not attend, staff are working to provide and improve the high-quality care & resources we provide for the children, & therefore these days are included in our fee structure. We will provide parents with ample notice of these days via email & may invite parents, where relevant to attend if they wish.


  1. If a child is off sick or absent for any reason, there will be no refunds given for part weeks.
  2. There is no refund of fees if a child is off sick





As part of the parental contractual agreement with Mulberry Bush Montessori, these terms & conditions make it clear that parents whose child is enrolled or attends MBM & who poach & employ a member of MBM for their own purposes, understand they will be required to reimburse the nursery with recruitment fees & equivalent in pounds of the staff member’s three month’s salary.


We operate a “zero tolerance” (aggressive) policy. Any threatening/aggressive behaviour from parents towards, staff, visitors or other parents etc. will not be tolerated & we reserve the absolute right to exclude the parent with immediate effect. This may include the exclusion of the child also, in which case we will ensure your child will be robustly supported to move on. In this instance the Care Inspectorate will be informed.


Mulberry Bush has the following policies which are available for parents to read or have copies on at any time and which can be accessed in a folder in the Reception area in the bookcase; Pre Birth to 3 Developmental Guidelines, Curriculum of Excellence; Curriculum Planning Policy; Assessment Policy; Child Protection Policy; Empowered Parenting; Equal Opportunities; Complaints Procedure, Personal Care Plans, Race Equality; Fire Policy; Accident and Incident Policy; Whistle Blowing Policy; Confidentiality Policy; Late Payment of Fees; Open Access Policy; Sun Safety Policy; Special Needs Policy; Training Policy; Staff Recruitment Policy; Sickness Procedure; Absence Notification; Time Keeping Procedure; Rules and Disciplinary Procedure; Behaviour Management Policy’; Students and Work Experience Policy; Prevention of Infection Policy and Admissions & Enrolments Policy, Positive Language, Empowering Parents etc. New/amended policies are added over time.

  1. It is our aim and intention to feel comfortable about hearing your complaints, so please, if you are ever unhappy or concerned about any aspect of your child’s care while with us at Mulberry Bush Montessori, you are warmly invited to:

 Mairi Maciver Clark, MD     Mulberry Bush Montessori

Mairi is a trained and registered GTC teacher, Social Worker, Montessori Teacher (0-9 years). She is also trained as a Neurollinguistic Language Practitioner with Richard Brander and is a registered Neuro Developmental Therapist with the Institute of Neuro-Physiological Psychology. Mairi is also trained and licensed by the INPP to offer the ‘Movement Programme’ to all 4year olds to ensure that children are physically as ready for school. Mairi is also trained and licensed at an ‘Empowered Parent’ trainer and facilitator to offer courses to parents and staff. Mairi is currently training in the field of Johansen Sound Therapy and with the Yoga Alliance as a Hatha Yoga Teacher. She is committed to excellence and innovation in the early years to ensure the uniqueness of each child as an individual as well as the promotion of independence through the Montessori Method of education from babies onwards. Mairi is committed to teamwork & continued learning for all staff as well as focusing on the much ignored, physical readiness of children for school in addition to their emotional, cognitive and social readiness through the focus on children’s movement and balance. Mairi works closely with paediatric chiropractors, acupuncturists, homeopaths & nutritionists as well as external agencies to ensure that as many of the possible variables that might affect a child’s potential are looked at.