A typical day at Mulberry Bush

When your child arrives before 0830 they can sit at the table and enjoy some breakfast with us which they have brought. Others that arrive after that are greeted and settle into their various rooms with their key workers.

(See the section “Settling in your child” for top tips on separating from your child.)

Parents are invited to offer feedback to staff about how their child has been and ensure that the hand over is quick and smooth.

Our babies can explore treasure baskets under the supervision of the key workers who know your child and will follow the natural rhythms of your child. We know that not all of your babies attending Mulberry Bush  will be sleeping, need changing or feeding at the same times and be assured that we follow your child in the routines of the day with them as their needs arise. Naps can be taken by our babies in our Shanti cots which enable children to climb in when they want to rest and easily get out of when they are awake.

Our toddlers have more of a routine, whilst still continuing to follow your child’s natural needs. The begin to prepare and have snack together, or go outside together, have story time together and join in other activities that the staff have organised for them. They begin to be introduced to and choose from the Montessori materials available in Practical Life (pouring & transferring) and Sensorial. They will have rest time on individual rest beds with their own blanket between 12 and 1pm.

At about two and a half your child will graduate to the front area of the larger Montessori classroom where children are vertically grouped across the room. Here they continue to choose from a wider range of Montessori activities that include when they wish to have their snack and with whom at the table laid with a cloth and set with flowers. They can choose if they wish to work alone, with another child or in small or large group. They can find what they want to work with on the shelves where every activity has a place where it lives in the classroom.

Your child can watch whilst the teacher demonstrates how to use activities and be invited to work with it for as often and as long as they like. Your child will be encouraged to be as independent as they can be and to help each other and care for the environment that they spend their day in. They will do this by preparing the snack, washing the dishes, folding the washing, feeding the fish, watering the plants, clearing the tables or mopping and sweeping the floor and tidying up after themselves.

Our staff are constantly making detailed observations of your child to ensure that our enviroment meets your child’s optimum needs and interests at all times and are aware of their next steps in learning. We respect your child’s concentration and joy of learning and leave them to work uninterrupted, only doing so when they let us know that they need help.

Before lunch  and snacks, your child will take turn washing their hands and then join their friends as they socialise and nourish themselves at noon. Following lunch they will take turns washing their hands, faces and brushing their teeth before having the opportunity to either rest, relaxor sleep after lunch either in the cosy book corner or by lying on a cosy blanket next to their friends.

Your child will be invited to take part in some daily movement activities to a story and music that begin to ensure that your child is as physcially ready for school as they can be.

Afternoon sessions operate in much the same way as the morning sessions and the day maybe enhanced by activities such as  music, movement, drama, games, outings or larger group activities.

As the day draws to a close your child will help tidy up the environment and ensure that it is ready for the next day. They will enjoy stories and say goodbye to their key worker and friends before going home to enjoy family time at home with you.