Mairi Maciver Clark

Mairi Maciver Clark is married with two children and lives outside Glasgow in a village by Loch Lomond.

Mairi is a trained and registered GTC teacher, accredited Social Worker and qualified Montessori Teacher (0-9 years).

She is also trained as a Neuro Linguistic Language Practitioner and is a registered Neuro Developmental Therapist and trained in neuro motor immaturity with the Institute of Neuro-Physiological Psychology (INPP). Mairi is also trained and licensed by the INPP to offer the ‘Developmental Exercise Programme’ to all 4 year olds, to ensure that children are physically as ready for school as they can be.

Mairi is also trained and licensed at an ‘Empowered Parent’ trainer and facilitator to offer courses to parents and staff. She acknowledges the immense and immeasurable influence of parents and in serving children, recognises she serves parents and families too. That the child loves you as parents is always enough to evoke our compassion for you both. She offers parental courses twice yearly for parents and makes herself available for parents who wish to discuss any aspect of parenting with her.

Mairi is committed to excellence and innovation in the early years to ensure the uniqueness of each child as an individual as well as the promotion of independence through the Montessori Method of education from babies onwards.

Mairi is aware of  the importance of physical readiness of children for school in addition to their emotional, cognitive and social readiness. As well as providing the optimum Montessori environment for your child, she also  works with the 4 year old children using the INPP Developmental Exercise Programme to encourage further development in children’s movement and balance.

As well as being Owner and Principal of both her leading edge Early Year’s centres, Mairi makes herself available to parents to offer consultation on children with reading & writing concerns, underachievement, dyslexia, dyspraxia, attention deficit disorder, coordination issues, concentration difficulties, auditory process and anger management.

Mairi is available as a trainer in Positive Language, Parenting, Early Movement and early Montessori principles and is  an articulate, passionate speaker on the Early Years.